Morandé Wine Group contributes to its community

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Due to the necessary precautions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, Morandé Wine Group modified Creabus, the company’s most traditional social responsibility program. During 2020 the solidarity pillar was focused instead on delivering boxes with food and toiletries directly to the families of the Pelequén school, the village where our winery is located.

In a year as difficult and complex as 2020, during which solidarity would have been more necessary than ever, the pandemic forced us to adjust some of our most cherished social responsibility programs towards the community of Pelequén, the village where Morandé Wine Group’s winery is located. Among them, Creabus, an initiative that supports the integration of children with special needs in the town’s school, and the sponsorship of T-shirts for a race in Pelequén. Even so, and aware of the need for greater support to the community in these difficult times, MWG delivered boxes of food and toiletries to the families of the school’s students.

It is worth remembering that Creabus was born a decade ago due to Morandé Wine Group’s great interest in contributing to the community, especially regarding children. It was thus that the first extra-programmatic workshop started in 2011, aimed at children with special capabilities, seeking to integrate social skills with manual work.

Given the workshop’s success, MWG made arrangements for donating a room and an old bus. The vehicle was completely remodeled and fitted out as a workshop by a furniture maker from Pelequén, a town renowned for its rich wood and stone handicrafts. Then, towards the end of 2015, Morandé Wine Group strengthened its partnership with the school, which allowed acquiring new materials for optimal development of the workshops. From then on, the students began to create products such as knitworks, jewelry, or decoupage, as well as other handicrafts and small furniture, almost all based on recycled objects.

And as a way of exhibiting the work done by the children through the Creabus program, Morandé Wine Group has been organizing yearly fairs in the company’s facilities where the children can show and sell their creations to the community. These events are very popular and have generated a very positive response among our collaborators, who purchase more than 90% of the products made by the children.

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