Chengdu Wine-Fair

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Since its inception, it has been essential for Morandé Wine Group to keep the wine’s quality stable, vintage after vintage. This is because we want to give our consumers full assurance that we produce high-quality wines, beyond the typical ups and downs of each harvest. That is why we also like to be permanently orienting our public regarding the awards obtained and the comments and opinions of experts on this matter. But, in addition to the above, we also believe it is extremely important to participate in specialized trade fairs, where we can be able to guide our buyers directly and show them the comparative advantages of our wines in terms of their origin and price.

Participating in this type of events, such as the recent Chengdu Fair, China’s main food and beverage promotion fair within the Asian Giant, allows us to create close ties with those who wish to learn more about our wines

This exhibition, which for a few days mirrored China’s thriving food and beverage market, was held this year in April, with some delay due to the circumstances that are currently affecting the world. Morandé Wine Group was present with a great diversity of high-quality wines from the other side of the planet, conquering with them the palate of those who waited in long lines to appreciate, first hand, our high level.

The samples exhibited at the Chengdu Fair included House of Morandé, our top-of-the-line, and wines that make up our Estate Reserve range, which reflects the best Chilean terroirs for each variety. Our elegant Brut Nature sparkling wine also participated, and Viña Morandé’s Pionero and Gran Reserva lines. The latter is a range that shows the best characteristics of each grape variety through wines of great balance that express their origin and the especially careful work carried out along all the winemaking processes.

On this occasion, the three-day fair was very lively. Although the wines were sold out in the afternoons, the public took the opportunity to share and enjoy. Our winery is especially grateful for the high public attendance and the affection shown towards us.

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