Safeguarding and sharing Chilean heritage is the mission of Mancura, a sustainable, socially responsible winery and one of the first in the country to obtain the Certificate of Sustainability for Vinos de Chile. Mancura was born as a tribute to Chilean roots, traditions and origins, seeking to preserve the viticultural heritage of our country. Its
Guardián, Vuelo Mágico, and Mito were Mancura’s most celebrated lines at the national and international levels this year.   Mancura’s portfolio of wines ends 2021 with truly outstanding scores. The winery, whose name pays homage to the mythical character of the Andean condor, demonstrated its vast experience and knowledge in the production of New World
When reading technical wine sheets, we often come across the concept of 'malolactic fermentation.' Either to explain that the wine underwent this process (nearly always in reds) or that it has not (mostly in whites). This might seem confusing since malo-lactic sounds more related to milk than to wine. So it's only natural to ask