When reading technical wine sheets, we often come across the concept of 'malolactic fermentation.' Either to explain that the wine underwent this process (nearly always in reds) or that it has not (mostly in whites). This might seem confusing since malo-lactic sounds more related to milk than to wine. So it's only natural to ask
Morande Wine Group is developing new vineyards in its Belén estate in Casablanca. The planting covers a total of 24 hectares, established with the latest viticultural knowledge and aiming to obtain high-quality wines. Despite the difficult times we have had to live through lately, at Morande Wine Group we have not given up on our
Chilean Grape Group is increasingly aware of the importance of dedicating time and investment to innovation. Going one step further is nowadays an essential issue to solve environmental problems, but it is also an important value at social and commercial levels. That is why today we have established a strategic alliance with Biofiltro, a company
All efforts and work done with a good purpose, are always well rewarded. This explains the acknowledgments bestowed on Morandé Wine Group by The Drink Business, the prestigious international magazine, in the latest version of its Spring Tasting. The purpose of this event is to disclose the latest wine novelties that will reach the markets