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Meredith May, editor-in-chief of Tasting Panel magazine, the most widely circulated trade publication in the beverage industry, singled out HAX with an exceptional 91 points included it in their BEST VALUE category.

The renowned editor of The Tasting Panel, Meredith May, considered Nº 15 among the most influential people in the wine industry, applauded HAX, giving it 91 points and naming it one of the publication’s BEST VALUE wines. Her tasting notes say: “Herbal and soil aromas accentuate its unique persona. Medium bodied, with sugared beets, dark chocolate interlaced with supple, dry tannins. Dark fruit continues to emerge, ascending along with a good acid structure, with deep plum and a hint of coconut on the finish.”

HAX us a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon created as the result of an exhaustive 10-year study Chile’s different terroirs using Japanese and French technologies to determine which meet the precise climatic conditions and strict solar exposure that guarantee a high concentration of polyphenols in the grapes. This condition occurs in very few of the world’s wine regions and results in a wine of exceptional quality with a greater aromatic profile and a broader flavor palette than a traditional wine.

HAX is pushing the boundaries of winemaking by using a state-of-the-art method that achieves a perfect extraction of high-quality tannins, bringing a truly exceptional wine to life, one that is ideal for those who enjoy setting trends and who are always looking for new experiences.

This wine’s special vinification process begins with a selection of only those grapes that have a higher polyphenol content. This results in a higher level of anthocyanins, a substance found in grape skins that creates wines with better color, more concentrated tannins, and ultimately, greater structure, aromas, and intensity.

The result of this revolutionary technology is HAX, a multi-valley, multi-vintage wine with 13.5% alcohol. It offers an intense violet color and aromas of red and black fruits such as strawberries, plums, and blackberries intermingled with very well-integrated notes of cedar and graphite. The palate offers a beautiful velvety sensation with good structure, round body, and a vibrant, juicy finish.

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