Mancura and its mission to protect the heritage of Chile

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Safeguarding and sharing Chilean heritage is the mission of Mancura, a sustainable, socially responsible winery and one of the first in the country to obtain the Certificate of Sustainability for Vinos de Chile.

Mancura was born as a tribute to Chilean roots, traditions and origins, seeking to preserve the viticultural heritage of our country. Its name pays homage to the mythological character of the condor in the Andes Mountain range. Legend says that Mancura, the Andean condor, appears in the heights of the Andes bringing with him the sun that provides the strength, heat and energy that our valleys need. At dusk, and with its majestic flight, Mancura brings the freshness of the sea, which allows us to enjoy one of the best conditions in the world to produce high quality wines.

In this way, the winery seeks to express all its experience and knowledge in the production of New World wines. Its vineyards throughout Chile, but especially in the Maule Valley – cradle of national viticulture – protect ancestral vines, which give rise to high quality wines at an affordable price, wines that reflect Chile and its nature, made for those consumers who want to deliver a better world to future generations.

Commitment to sustainability

Mancura is one of the first wineries in Chile to fully comply with the Wines of Chile sustainability code in its three areas. Likewise, it is committed to the efficient use of water and electrical resources, with the goal of reducing its consumption by 5% during 2022.

Protection of the Chilean wine heritage

Mancura was born as a tribute to our roots and traditions. Its vineyards, located in the best valleys of Chile, protect ancestral varieties, which give rise to high-quality heritage wines, which express the maximum potential of each of its varieties.


Mancura wines have been constantly recognized in national and international media such as James Suckling, International Wine Competition, Wine & Spirits, Descorchados, among others. It has received multiple 90 + scores, consolidating it as a brand of young, expressive and high-quality wines.

The oenology of Jorge Martínez

Our prominent winemaker Jorge Martínez has participated in grape harvests in Spain and France and in technical tours to the most important wine-producing regions in the world. In 2011, he took over the management of Mancura, and since then, he has put his best into searching for the most remarkable expressions of each vine and valley to attract the palates of young consumers seeking new experiences. Its oenological concept focuses on respect for the land and for the genuine expressions that it delivers to each variety.

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