Planting new vineyards in our Belén estate

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Morande Wine Group is developing new vineyards in its Belén estate in Casablanca. The planting covers a total of 24 hectares, established with the latest viticultural knowledge and aiming to obtain high-quality wines.

Despite the difficult times we have had to live through lately, at Morande Wine Group we have not given up on our intention to continue growing and developing new projects. That is why today we are pleased to announce that this spring we will begin the second phase of the new plantings in our Belén estate, located in the Casablanca Valley. What began in October 2020 with the incorporation of 17 new hectares of vineyards, will be completed this year with seven additional hectares.

For this new vineyard, we chose a medium-high planting density (4,440 plants per hectare) and varieties that have already shown remarkable results in the cool climate of Casablanca. Therefore, next to our long-established vineyards, soon we will add 13 hectares of Pinot Noir, 2.2 hectares of Cabernet Franc, 1 hectare of Merlot, and 0.7 hectares of Chenin Blanc (all planted in 2020), in addition to 7 hectares of Chardonnay, which we will be adding during this season.

Unlike previous vineyard plantings, in which we generally used ungrafted vines, this time the whole plant material is clonal –which ensures better genetics- and is grafted onto rootstocks resistant to nematodes (one of the main enemies of the quality of a vineyard in the long term) and to drought. The latter, in line with our commitment to sustainability and the lowest possible use of water in all production processes, from the vineyard to the winery.

To benefit from the topography of the terrain on which these new vines are planted, the red varieties were distributed in the higher sections of the hills, whereas the white ones were established in the lower parts. They will have a modern control and protection system against spring-frost, events that can affect the area in some years.

The new vineyards were conceived as a long-term project, so it will only be possible to enjoy their first wines in the glass as of 2024. This will give the vines time to grow deep roots and develop their vigor. Their grapes are aimed for our higher-end wines, such as the Gran Reserva range, and also, why not? to icons.

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