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All efforts and work done with a good purpose, are always well rewarded. This explains the acknowledgments bestowed on Morandé Wine Group by The Drink Business, the prestigious international magazine, in the latest version of its Spring Tasting. The purpose of this event is to disclose the latest wine novelties that will reach the markets in the next few months. In this context, we were globally acclaimed as a group of innovative wineries, characterized by their constant search for solutions to improve people’s lives. Because it is in our DNA to do everything possible to provide unique moments to our consumers. And to be awarded among so many competitors from different corners of the world is a huge milestone and a great honor that international experts will undoubtedly applaud.

The following are the samples recognized for their avant-garde vision:

WINEBEER (Silver Medal) is an unprecedented and original alcoholic beverage that stands out for its perfect balance between sparkling wine and beer. It belongs to a new category known as “Wine Seltzer”, which offers great freshness in each bottle. Its particular characteristics make it globally unique. It is made using only three 100% natural ingredients: grapes, hops, and yeast. It is a drink to enjoy life, with the power to transform any moment into a special event. And because it is made with no added sugar or chemicals, it is an invitation to feel natural and head for adventure.

AOX (Silver Medal) is a wine high in polyphenols and, therefore, rich in antioxidants. Its production is the result of a search for a product that enhances the wine based on knowledge obtained in Chile. For over 10 years, Morandé Wine Group has carried out studies related to the soil and climate conditions in different Chilean valleys to make a selection of its best grapes. By using the bleeding technique, striking concentrations were obtained in the winery, and computerized technologies were applied to extract the highest quality tannins to thus obtain highly concentrated musts. All this, to create a product of unparalleled characteristics, rich in aromas, flavors, and color. A wine of great character that will empower all those who drink it. It is made with the latest technology, steps ahead of all current paradigms, and, for this reason, has been worthy of such impressive awards.

BRISA LOW ALC Cabernet Sauvignon (Bronze Medal) and Sauvignon Bland (Silver Medal). Both wines are an answer to the growing trend towards self-care and moderate consumption, but without losing quality. Consumers have turned increasingly health-conscious and are looking for beverages with fewer calories, lower alcohol content, and more natural ingredients, thus favoring a growing demand for drinks that are in line with healthy lifestyles. According to GlobalData’s fourth-quarter global consumer survey of 2017, when people were asked ‘what does healthy’ mean to them, 69% said it means natural. Another 33% stated that healthy meant low in calories. It is for both these reasons that these wines are so sought-after and revolutionary, as they are designed around what people are looking for today.

Morandé Wine Group surprises again by disclosing its novelties. A paradoxical fact, since to be constantly innovating is becoming usual.

Get to know the awarded portfolio.

If you want to discover more about these and other innovations, write to us:

Ms. Francisca Torres

Senior Brand Innovation Manager


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